V i r t u a l s h o p 3
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Virtualshop / Linkpoint API
Virtualshop3 includes a simple page template that demonstrates integration when you have completed and submitted the details below.
(View - Page Templates - virtualshopLinkpointAPI.html)
To use this page template with your Linkpoint account, right-click the submit button and choose 'Object Properties', then click 'Cart and Form Submit Options'. Adjust the listed hidden 'Names' and 'Values' to your requirements.
Submit options can be saved as a 'Submit Template' for quick and easy implementation on any Virtualshop3 form. A customisable Linkpoint API submit template is also included with the program.
Please enter your details below to use Virtualshop3 with the Linkpoint API. Your Virtualshop secure server license must be up to date to use this facility.
Your details will be stored in separate locations on our secure server.
Please read our Sensitive Information Protection Policy for details about how this information is held.
All details below are case sensitive.
Your Virtualshop username:
Enter a Client ID below: This can be any value you choose and uniquely identifies the client whose Virtualshop site you are designing and allows you to use different details for each client. If the Client ID already exists, the details will be updated, otherwise it will be created.
Client ID:
Merchant account details: These are the details supplied to you by Linkpoint when you set up your account with them:
Linkpoint Store Number:
Copy & paste below the Digital certificate for the LinkPoint API sent to you by Linkpoint when you setup your API account. Include all the text from and including:
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