Virtualshop3 merchant account integration
V i r t u a l s h o p 3
by White-Hot Design  
Payment Systems
Certified Shopping Cart
Our shopping cart is certified by for use with their Advanced Integration Method with & Wells Fargo accounts, and with the Linkpoint API. We also have an inteface making it easy to integrate with the Barclaycard ePDQ Cardholder Payment Interface. These services are installed on our server for use with unlimited clients by Virtualshop secure server license holders. The services are as easy to use as the default secure server form action and include all the same configuration options. When users submit your form and payment is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from our server with all the order details as well as optional confirmation from the payment system if have set up your account to do this.
Click the links below to set up use of these services. The program includes templates that demonstrate integration.
Adapting the cart for any payment system is easy. In addition to the services on our server, templates for direct connection with the following payment systems are included and are being added to all the time.
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