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Worldpay Callback
If you are using a Worldpay Junior account to take payments and need to see all the information from your order forms including the full item descriptions, you can use a script installed on our server in conjunction with the Worldpay callback facility. Your Virtualshop secure server license must be up to date to do this:
Right-click the form submit button, then click 'Cart and Form Submit Options'.
Select 'Worldpay Junior' - 'Load Template'.
In the 'value' column of the list of hidden variables enter 'MC_recipient' and enter your email address as the value.

If you want to send an automatic receipt message to the user, create another 'hidden input' and enter the following details:

Variable Name: MC_Email receipt message
Value: Your receipt message to users.
The 'value' set here will be the message users see in their receipt email followed by the details of their order. Do not include any line breaks in the value, but instead use <br> for a linebreak and <p> for a new paragraph. You may find it easier to construct this in a text editor first then paste it into the value slot.
Log-in to the Worldpay Admin server.
Under System Settings, go to the configuration settings for your Worldpay account. 
Under 'Payment Response URL' enter:
and check the ''Payment Response enabled?' box.
Click the 'Save Changes' button.
The Perl script used for the callback is available by clicking the link below if you want to adapt it and install it on your own server, but please note we are not able to offer technical support for external installations.
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